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Geos Mat

non woven polyester geotextile

non woven polyester geotextile

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Geos Mat is a Polyester & Polypropylene Woven Geotextile applied for reinforcement, improvement and separation of weak soil.
Geos Mat has 3 series of product types and can be variously selected.

Geos Mat GM series is a Polyester Woven Geotextile made of high tenacity polyester filament yarns with high density. This series has the same tensile strength in both machine & cross machine direction. The tensile elongation of GM series is in the range of 10% ~ 30%.
Geos Mat GML series is a Polyester Woven Geotextile for a special purpose. This series is woven in a special structure using high tenacity polyester filament yarns. This series is especially applied for the construction of roads & embankments which require a high strength in a single direction. The maximum tensile elongation of GML series is 15%. The tensile strength at 5% strain can be sustained more than 40% of the lultimate strength. GML series has an excellent creep resistance and provides soil structures with great stability.
Geos Mat GMP series is a Woven Geotextile made of Polypropylene flat and multifilament yarns with high density. GMP series is generally applied for the separation of a sand layer and soft ground.
Geos Mat GMP series has an excellent chemical resistance and a good field workability because of its light weight and specific gravity of 0.92.

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Geos MatGeos Mat
Geos FilterGeos Filter
Geos Silt ProtectorGeos Silt Protector
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