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Verti-Drain® is a prefabricated pocket-style vertical drain (PVD) for the improvement of soft ground made from a mechanically strong PP core and a nonwoven filter jacket specialized as PVD filter material.

Verti-Drain® significantly reduces the time needed for construction by discharging pore water in the ground and therefore speeding up soil consolidation. Verti-Drain® allows for the safe construction of seaports, airports, roads, embankments, railways, water supply facilities, tunnels and many other mega-scaled structures.

vertical drain systems

Since Verti-Drain® is produced with filter materials having AOS in the range of 50㎛~90㎛, which is suited for the improvement of soft soil, filter clogging can be prevented over a long term.

Verti-Drain® is resistant to friction and scratching caused during its installation and also has a physically durable structure with a high strength.

Verti-Drain® has a high resistance to bacteria and chemicals. Verti-Drain® is materially and ecologically stable since it is made of polypropylene, which does not allow contaminants or hydrolysis.

Verti-Drain® has achieved CE certificate and the product reliability certificate, “R-mark”, related to a long-term performance and durability from Korean Government. It was first time these certificates for PVD products have been achieved in Korea.

No recycled materials are used for the core of Verti-Drain®, 100% virgin PP only. Cores that are made from recycled materials may pass the required strength test at the first compliance test, but a serious decrease in discharge capacity can be caused by the deformation of the core and reduced sections for water channels under lateral soil pressure and accordingly ground settlement can be delayed.

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Geos MatGeos Mat
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